Case Study: Wireless network solution

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The Client:

We were engaged by a New Car Sales Yard in Central Queensland to provide a solution for their on-site communication issues.

The Problem:

The sales office is located at the front of the block, with a pre deliver section which moves into a workshop shed, past the workshop is a vehicle accessory fitting shed. The site is 100% concrete with no underground conduit available. The customer requires network coverage within the two sheds.

The Solution:

A wireless bridge (Point-to-Point) – we installed a wireless bridge from the server room to the workshop where a small communications rack is home to a wire switch and an access point (wireless network).

How does a wireless Bridge Work?

A wireless bridge is a type of networking hardware device that enables the connection of two different local area networks (LAN) segments by bridging a wireless connection between them. It works much like a wired network bridge and is used to connect LAN’s that are logically separated and/or located in different physical locations. 

A wireless bridge is primarily used in corporate LAN’s, which often span across geographical locations. In a typical scenario, a wireless bridge must be installed at both the ends of the LAN to be connected. 

At the back-end, the wireless bridges are connected to the LAN switch or router. For the two network segments to communicate, each data packet travels from the local Ethernet/router to the wireless bridge, which wirelessly broadcasts it to the wireless bridge of the other LAN segment. Besides point-to-point bridging, a wireless bridge can also be connected to more than one wireless bridges simultaneously. 

How long does it take to install a wireless bridge for businesses in Queensland?

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How much does it cost to install a wireless bridge or point-to-point bridge in Australia?

Cost is always on your mind when looking at anything in the technology markets today, especially when looking into tech that even looks expensive.  But here at iResult Connextions Pty Ltd we can cater for any site, large or small.  We will not give you the bull, if this is the right system for your site then we can make it work for you and keep the accounts payable officer happier.

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