Fibre Optics

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Optic Fibre Networking

Optic fibre networking can be done in many ways. As we all know copper cabling has done a lot for us all over the years, but now with industry technology is expanding and this type of technology has become fewer expensive in deployment.  It allows us to provide to you a superior option which will have your network ready for the further.  

Little breakdown of two main types of optical fibre networks….

Fibre links

Instead of use CAT6 outputs around your network, image having a fibre in its place.  What this means is your overall network performance with not suffer from any loss, once installed it becomes maintenance  free, no downtime.  

Fibre Backbones

Imagine you network has multiple comms racks, we can link them all together with optic fibre. Another more common useful situation is you have workshops spread out around your site, we can link them together with optical fibre which means it is completely maintenance free, no loss, no disputations. It is like that server rack was right next to your workstation, even through it is 4000 meters away from you.

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