Telecommunication Services

We offer a wide range of telecommunication services.

Do you require a new or additional phone line, as well as a phone socket, for a residential or commercial property? At a time that is suitable for you, our telephone specialist will come to your home and professionally install your phone wiring and phone socket.

Our phone technicians will install your new phone lines in accordance with the ACMA rules, and test all phone sockets with high-quality phone test equipment and tools at the end of each installation.

The kitchen, bedrooms, corridors, study, home-office, and even supplying subterranean lead-in cable connection from the property boundary to your house are all places where you could want your phone line placed. Most of the time, we can install a phone line the same day. 

Is your phone line in need of repair? Is your phone line crackling, buzzing, or simply not working, but your internet is working OK despite the lack of a dial tone? Our ACMA-certified phone expert will need to come to your location to identify and repair your phone line.

Corrosion with your phone points and faulty jumper connections from prior telephone contractors who may have performed poor quality work during the initial installation are some frequent concerns with many phone lines, especially if you are located along the coast of Australia.

If you live in a rental property and your ISP has requested proof of phone or internet repair for any reason, we can send you a phone line repair report with our diagnostic and conclusions by e-mail. This can help you recover money or simply keep track of what you’ve done.

Internet problems can occur at any time of day, and there are a variety of reasons why your internet connection is slow or not working, leaving you without access to the internet. Worst of all, your internet service has most likely stopped working at the most inconvenient time, leaving you searching for a dependable private ACMA-approved internet and phone technician to come to your home and restore your connection.

Our ADSL & NBN technicians will certainly provide the quickest resolution, repairs, and expert advice on your internet connections, as we understand that your internet connection requires maximum uptime. With high demand for 24/7 fast internet connection, our ADSL & NBN technicians will certainly provide the quickest resolution, repairs, and expert advice on your internet connections.

We can provide an Internet Service Fault Report that you can send on to your Service Provider describing our technicians findings at your property as part of our normal ADSL or NBN internet technician fault investigation from our private specialised internet technician. If there is an issue on the network side (ISP or NBN) of the phone line or NBN NTD, PCD, or hand-off point, this is helpful for proof should you be able to recuperate any fees related to your error.

Almost everything in your home now uses Ethernet technology, which relies on the ability to connect via data cable in most cases when wireless technology isn’t available.

The following situations may necessitate our data cabling services:

Connect your new Xbox One to your internet connection at home.

Connect your new solar inverter to your home’s hardwired monitoring station or internet connection.

Extend the LAN in your house or small office.

Install VoIP phones around your house.

CCTV data cabling installation services from your LAN/internet connection/central monitoring station to your LAN/internet connection/central monitoring station.

NBN cabling (Point-of-Sale) Eftpos Installation and relocation of phone and modem wall sockets (also great for netflix and IPTV).

MDF jumpering services, also known as A to B jumpering, are performed by fully licenced and qualified ACMA private telephone and internet technicians, servicing Australia wide apartments, townhouses, multi dwelling unit and high-rises… we’ll connect your new phone line or NBN (FTTN/FTTB/FTTC) service promptly, super cheap, and SAME DAY!

If you’re waiting for your new phone line, NBN, or ADSL/Naked DSL service to be installed in your house or workplace, give us a call. We offer 24/7 MDF Jumperings Services, where we’ll install ACTIVE Internet or Telephone Service in your home or company.

Our experts and network installers will communicate with your company’s IT department to keep you updated throughout the network planning, design, and installation process. After the installation, we can even give network maintenance services on a monthly basis.

With an onsite visit, Iresults internet repair technicians may run a variation check on our very extensive test equipment, giving you additional information into your internet connection and potentially revealing whether you have an internet cabling issue or interference.

Our professionals can specifically check network congestion as well as other issues such as CRC errors that may be affecting the functionality of your modem or router.

When our certified test technician comes at your location, we will complete the following procedures:

With our test equipment, you may test your NBN or ADSL service at the wall socket and record the findings.

At your property’s Network Boundary, test your NBN or ADSL service.

Step 3: Reinstall wall sockets and check for failure locations.

Step 4: Submit a PDF report with all of the final results.

Our professionals will undertake a complete study of these two areas of the network, allowing you to determine whether you have any internal wiring or modem issues, or if the problems are coming from the outside network, i.e. your Service Provider.


iResults provides excavator hire and operator services for NBNco which include pipe laying, electrical pipe laying, pit installation, and other underground network requirements in the Central Queensland area. 

iResults are excavation contractors for residential, commercial and civil work including communications and infrastructure, land clearing, landscaping and small demolition. 

We have a team ready for design and installation to provide you with the best options, we service nationwide to insure we have the most current and up-to-date products and services available.

Can this be approved for NBNco or other Carriers for my brownfield or greenfield development?

Yes, we can have the design completed to meet the carriers specifications, including having approved network ready designs ready for deployment. 

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