Wireless Communication

We offer a wide range of wireless communication services.

Organisations are increasingly relying on mobility solutions and applications using high performing
wireless networks to monitor and manage their operations. iResults brings wireless technologies together,
allowing managers, operators and field personnel to access these applications and assets safely and
efficiently – from almost any location. Our fixed and mobile wireless solutions are designed to withstand
harsh environments, whilst maintaining a secure, reliable network infrastructure.

Installing a wireless access point will unquestionably improve wifi signal throughout your home or office, allowing devices to work in those pesky black-spots while also boosting speed and latency. Users will be able to smoothly roam from one room to another on the same SSID if you add a wifi access point to your network.

The most common wireless access point configuration is to simply extend your present network to all of the hard-to-reach locations and operate under the same SSID if possible. You’ll need a top-brand access point to extend a network using your WIFI access point, which you may get from suppliers like D-LINK, RUCKUS, Ubiquiti, TP-LINK, and CISCO. If you’re wanting the latest WIFI access point reviews just ask our staff members for the best solution for your application.

You’ll need one data cable installed from your modem to your desired coverage zone, as well as a power source, to instal your WIFI access points successfully. Many WIFI access points do not come with power adaptors, which means you’ll need a POE injector, which we’ll provide on the day of installation. The best WIFI access point locations are usually on the ceiling, however they may be positioned almost anywhere depending on your area. Outdoor access points are also possible.

Our expert team prefers to use CISCO WAP type devices for most home and small business installations since they have an established brand, support, and dependability factor.

Don’t get yourself mixed up when it comes to wifi range extenders and access points. Wifi range extenders, which are commonly purchased from Officeworks or JB Hi-Fi, are complex to set up for home users and may fail to meet consumer expectations. Given the cost and hassle of putting up a wifi range extender, you’re better off opting for a professionally installed wifi access point that our professionals integrate into your network.


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Wireless Communication

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